Improving customer experience through intuitive, customizable recommendations by a close-to-life virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger

Our top holistic solution to drive customers online to offline stores with personalized recommendations and providing robust customer data collection for leads nurturing and increasing conversions.


Clinique – Luxury Women’s Beauty & Skincare Brand, Estee Lauder Companies


With the rise of purchase decisions being made on Social Media and the customer experience centric approach to trending technologies in the industry, the brand needed a competitive edge to drive potential customers online to offline stores that connected the brands digital efforts to its offline services in-store. Our objective was to drive sampling, complimentary skin analysis and makeovers and sales in-store through custom-fit skincare and beauty solutions.


Conversational copies increase consumer engagement and experience which encourages use.

We created an intuitive chatbot that assessed user’s skin type and provided the corresponding product recommendations on Facebook messenger.

The product recommendations led directly to the brand’s Click & Collect site where users could make a reservation of the products recommended and pick up them up in-store or book an appointment with a beauty consultant in-store, thereby driving online traffic to offline stores.

Apart from skincare recommendations, the chatbot also encouraged top engagers of the brand to try out seasonal makeup looks to drive complimentary makeover services in-store, creating a hook for customers to book appointments on the chatbot regularly, made effortless due to the seamless appointment bookings made completely within the chatbot itself. The ease-of-access and fuss-free customer journey enabled connected retail as part of the brand’s always-on strategy.

The robust data collected by the chatbot through the skin type assessment enabled beauty consultants to better provide recommendations and cross-sell products to increase basket size and conversions in-store. This data was also further leveraged for predicative data analysis using AI application that further enabled optimization of segmentation, personalization and retargeting to increase conversion rates and later fed to the CRM loyalty program to increase overall efficiency in leads nurturing down the marketing funnel.


The introduction of chatbot messenger increased sampling, skin analysis and makeover appointments in-store and increased conversions by two-fold as compared to regular walk-ins. It also proved a highly valuable resource in supporting the brand’s CRM program through AI application predicative analysis with customer data and behaviour collected.


Platforms, Technovation


Beauty, Clinique, Platforms, Technovation

Date published

October 18, 2016