Crafting branded content with inspirational customer stories

Creating a brand voice through real-life customers helps your brand stay relatable to your target audience without losing authenticity.


Transform Your Skin


Bio-essence – Singapore’s Leading Mass Skincare Brand

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As the brand celebrated its 16th birthday, they recognised the need for change to reconnect with a younger audience who are the key drivers of the beauty industry.Our objective was to give the brand a modern update that reach out to a younger audience in the 25-34 age group, at the same time bringing out the key brand message: ‘Transform your skin with positive energy’.


Real life inspirations by brand advocates created a younger & more relatable brand voice.

We took a content driven approach for the brand restage campaign by identifying loyal brand customers in the target age group and mid-high tier influencers who were familiar with the brand. In line with the transformational process of the brand, we drew inspirational stories from these identified brand advocates who have been on their own transformational journeys. This allowed the brand to tap on relatable and inspiring content that would resonate with the younger target audience who were able to relate to similar situations in their lives.

The stories manifested in interview videos and blog articles that was shared on social media to kick start the brand’s transformation campaign.


The brand successfully increased its engagement with a younger target audience through its restage campaign and uplifted its brand image that paved the way for it subsequent product range restaging.


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Date published

May 17, 2018