Specially designed and curated product kits add a touch of luxe and personalization to help drive purchase decision

Through visual merchandising and segmentation, a dream lifestyle featuring relevant products were fronted by strategically selected influencers who embodied the coveted lifestyle.




Bio-essence – Singapore’s Leading Mass Skincare Brand


As part of their restaging campaign, the brand sought to reach out to a younger target audience between 25-34 for its Bio-Gold range, and at the same time drive sales for the luxe-looking 24K gold product.


We identified popular lifestyle verticals coveted by the 25-34 age group according to which customized product kits were curated and designed to complement these lifestyles.

To further anchor the lifestyle driven approach taken, relevant influencers who fit the respective lifestyle verticals were engaged to advocate the respective boxes that exuded luxury in line with the product range.

These limited edition kits were marketed through trade partners to drive sales in-store by upselling the product range in curated limited edition lifestyle kits, framed as a collector’s item that appealed to a younger audience who value the lifestyle experience.


Agency Services


Agency Services, Bio-essence

Date published

July 11, 2018