Truly Omnichannel Campaign Transcending Boundaries in O2O

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Clinique X Crayola – It’s Playtime!


Clinique – Luxury Women’s Beauty & Skincare Brand, Estee Lauder Companies

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Crayola is a brand that is part and parcel of many people’s childhood and the brand needed to leverage on this through the brand partnership to create desirability for its limited edition lipstick collection. Our objective was to drive sales in-stores for limited edition Clinique X Crayola Chubby Sticks For Lips through an O2O campaign that engaged the predominantly female audience while invoking shareability through user-generated content.


Crayola-themed illustration and shades made digital colouring fun & engaging for all ages.

Inspired by partner brand Crayola and the colouring book trend, we created a Clinique X Crayola themed website with a digital colouring engine where users enjoyed the fun and therapeutic experience of colouring through creating their own personalized creations.

To further incentivize participation and drive shareability, users were encouraged to share their unique creations on Facebook and Instagram to stand to win a limited edition Clinique X Crayola set.
Participation quickly took off and our social media was flooded with contest entries and overwhelming positive sentiment on how users enjoyed colouring, some even submitted multiple entries.

Offline colouring stations with personalized portraits drew crowds in-store & drove user-generate content online.

This online campaign was similarly mirrored in its offline manifestation in-store with live colouring stations where customers could colour with actual Crayola crayons and share their physical creations online to enter the contest – forming a seamless O2O experience for customers both online and offline.


Overwhelming entries received from both online and offline consumers.

We received 300+ entries for the giveaway, collected 2000+ leads and the brand saw the highest sales in the lips makeup category for the year.


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Date published

May 17, 2018