Creating experiences through augmented reality to drive shareability

The explosion of social media has shown us that people enjoy documenting and sharing their experiences and this is what we tapped on to engage our target audience for the campaign.


Bio-VLift Gift of V Face


Bio-essence – Singapore’s Leading Mass Skincare Brand

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As part of their restaging campaign, Bio-essence gave a face lift to their best-selling face lifting range, now known as Bio-VLift.

Our objective was to create awareness for the restaged product range and communicate the product efficacy of creating a sharper, more contoured, v-shaped face, now infused with new key ingredients Black Orchid & Royal Jelly.

As the campaign falls during the Mother’s Day period, there was also a need to target youths to gift the product to their mums.


We created an AR Photo Filter App with 3 exclusive product themes, one of which is dedicated for Mother’s Day.

Each of these photo filters featured the key products of the range as well as the key ingredients.
A V Face toggle was designed to allow users to sculpt their desired V Face Selfie just as the product would help in sculpting the contours of the face.

App mechanics were strategically made to drive customers to third party retailer stores with an exclusive offer when users shared their selfies on Instagram. This was aimed aimed to drive user-generated content and engagement online that at the same time drove sales in offline stores to provide a connected customer journey. Shareability on social media was further incentivized through a giveaway.

Customer data was collected through the app to facilitate lead generation and future retargeting.


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Date published

July 11, 2018